G1000 User Waypoint Quick Reference Guide


1) Creating the user waypoint operations are performed on the MFD in front of the Observer.

2) Using the large FMS knob scroll CW to the WPT chapter.

3) Using the small FMS knob scroll fully CW to the USER WPT INFORMATION page.

4) Depress the FMS knob to acquire the cursor.

5) Starting with the small knob, turn it CW to select the first character of the new user name.

6) Turn the large knob CW to select the next position of the user name.

7) Turn the small knob CW to select the next letter of the user name.

8) Using both the small and large FMS knobs enter up to a 6 digit USER WAYPOINT name. I.E. for the northwest corner of grid 406A you might select NW406A.

9) Once the USER WAYPOINT is named press the ENT key.

10) Answer the question to popup box.

11) If the answer is yes press the ENT key.

12) If the answer is no, scroll the cursor to no and press ENT key. You will then be returned to re-identify the USER  WAYPOINT.

13) Using the large FMS knob scroll to the INFORMATION block.

14) Using the small knob enter North Latitude.

15) Using both the large and small knobs update the Latitude and Longitude as appropriate.  Note that the data in the minute's position must be entered in tenths of a minute.

16) Once you're happy with the Lat/Long depress the ENT key.

17) The new user-defined waypoint is now available for use in the data library just like any other waypoint.